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5 reasons why you should come for a ski in the summer.....

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

1) Prevent injury:

If your work restricts you to a desk for most of the day, when you head out onto the mountain your legs will not be able to take it. Skiing develops muscle areas you don't use as much day-to-day, so practicing and doing regular training before you get onto the mountain is very important. No one wants to cut their amazing ski holiday short through failure to prepare for the activity properly.

2) Brush off the cobwebs:

Do you remember where you went skiing last year? Yes you probably do. Do you remember who your instructor was? Maybe. Do you remember what your instructor was teaching you? Probably not! This is typical if you go on a ski holiday once a year, you will have the first four or five days getting back into the swing of things and feeling up to the same standard you were last time, but by then you probably only have another two days left of skiing! use training in the summer to consolidate everything you have gained over the winter and develop you skills further.

3) Take a clear focus with you:

If you train with an instructor at Pulse Snowsports you will have an action plan to look back on while you are in resort. Or, if you are going to a ski resort where one of our instructors are working then you will be able to take some lessons with them, knowing that they will have a

full plan for you. However if you haven't booked lessons in the mountain but still wanted to get some training time in, look back at the action plans in your emails and try giving the skill you have learnt a go on the mountain.

4) Quench the thirst:

Lets be honest, over the summer you will definitely want to go abroad and seek some sun so skiing on a glacier may not be your top priority. If you do get the chance to go skiing abroad over the summer then amazing, go for it. However, if this is not an option for you, you should come step into the Chill Factore's own mini glacier for a ski with us.

5) Don't restrict yourself:

When starting lessons in the mountains with an instructor or coach you will set some aims you want to gain from the week. The aims you set are probably going to be a harder task than you initially thought. Wouldn't you love the feeling of smashing those expectations, skiing runs you would never have been able to do before, showing off the skills you have learnt over the summer. Use the development you made over the summer to boost your skiing in the winter. Whatever you are training for, whether it be a technical instructor exam or improving your skiing in general, we have the perfect session for you.


James Lockerbie

Pulse Snowsports

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